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Liz, how are you? Everything is fine?
We cleared the rest of the treats and utensils from the table and folded the table. I gave Olya an old T-shirt and shorts as pajamas and sent her to the shower to wash off her makeup and freshen up in general. While she was splashing, I laid out the sofa in the living room on which I was going to sleep, covered it with linen and took out a blanket and a pillow. Then I prepared my bed in the bedroom - on it, as on a more comfortable bed, I was going to put my guest to bed.
I stubbornly looked at the figures in the closet, trying to make my behavior look like it was all so ordinary, I understood how hard it was for her to say this. Anya sat on the edge of the sofa, covered her face with her hands, breathing heavily, it didn’t look like she was crying, she was just trying to catch her breath.
<a href=>Erotic Lady</a>. “Galya, what are you? Learned completely. Festive evening now. With Santa Claus and Snow Maiden”
His penis was an impressive size of about 23 in length and also large in diameter, but this did not stop me from swallowing it up to the very testicles. Yegor groaned with pleasure and leaned his head back on the sofa. My hand was fully wielded in the pussy and I began to moan. Egor saw this and stopped me and got up from the sofa. He lifted me off my knees and parted my legs, with his tongue he reached the clitoris. My legs gave way from the surging pleasure, I moaned very loudly, Yegor stopped and put me on the sofa and lay down on top.
The next day, Diana was waiting for me outside her house, wearing a black top with a cutout at the chest. Her lips were unusually red, and her cheeks shone near her eyes. A slender white stripe of the tummy stretched under the topic. Jeans were replaced with shorts.
I began to pull the jeans down, but they treacherously wrapped around her legs, not wanting to slip, oh, this women's tight-fitting clothes. In the end, I had to pull them down one leg at a time, and the first thing that pleased me so much was no, no, not what you thought, I’m not talking about what she had in her panties, by the way they were black and although the tubercle there seemed to be guessed, I put it aside for a couple of seconds and admired her legs. They were so smooth and so light, not the slightest flaw. I grabbed her ass with both hands, she turned out to be so small, but so tender and warm under her panties!

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